For your information..

Hello, come easy, the police found the drug my friend threw into my vehicle and they detected it in my blood as a result of the analysis, they canceled my license, I think to be an expert and this situation will answer my investigation and I will be very happy if you help me.

Hello, The Constitutional Court has decided to annul the “Security Investigation and Archive Research” application. But new regulation may come. In such a situation, you are likely to encounter it. For your information..

Well, depending on the current situation, can I need to sign or sign for a certain period of time within the scope of any probation, thank you again.

Hello, while I was leaving the house of the drug bag, the police caught me with 8 grams of cannabis, I said that I wanted to benefit from effective regret, I said that I was a drinker in my statement, I confessed the person I took and how much I took. After a few hours, they let me out, they didn’t even do an analysis. When the probation is definitely released, I fall to the police station for the first time.

If so, do I need to attend seminars after giving clean urinalysis 3 times? I could not find clear information about this process on the internet. Can you help me?

I am not an addict anyway, I get stuck every now and then, but it is very troublesome to take time off from work for these seminars.

Hello, it is not possible for us to predict with certainty the decision to be made about you. You can get information from the relevant units after you receive probation. For your information..

hello I was caught with 8 grams of cannabis on me and I confessed from whom I bought it. I guess I’ll get probation. Can things such as seminars and conferences to be held in this 1 year be arranged according to business hours? Thank you from now.

Hello, it is alleged that a banned medicine with prescription was thrown into the open prison during the hours when the doors were closed and the person inside took it. It is taken for a blood test, it turns out clean, the substance cannot be found and there is no camera record of it anywhere. They are sued with the statement of a person saying “the person gave me a drink in the toilet” and they are sent to a closed prison and now they have been suspended again. The other day, the inspection officers came and they said that there is a court on April 1, what comes out of this job is zero evidence and absolutely no truth. He did not have a crime on drugs and banned substances before. Thank you.

It was the first time I got caught with marijuana. They gave probation about me, I finished without any problems, my file was closed, after 5 years they said something like an execution. This is vesayre infected with crime…. 2nd incident = 7th person is caught in the car. 1 of us drinker really agrees. The prosecutor only takes the statements of our other 6 as informed. It is cleared that I am not related to that file. 3. Olay = Time passes, no matter what wisdom is, while sitting in the park, 6 people come to the police station and find it from the ground while the police come and gbt. We are going. I’m breathing that I’m not related to me, he talks about me as if we were doing Ahmete gbt in the police.

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