For example, it is very important how long the process will take place. However, it is also important whether the transaction fee will be charged or not, so be sure to pay attention to these details so that you do not encounter any surprises later on.

The most common method of payment credit cards in Turkey, but every betting site does not accept this payment method. For this reason, you can always get information about Visa or Mastercard from the customer service staff, and find out whether there is a payment. In addition, betting sites that deposit money with credit cards sometimes only accept this method from VIP customers, that is, customers who have been playing with high numbers and for a long time. At this stage, you can still get information from the site, about what conditions you need to fulfill to become a VIP member.

Prepaid cards are also an option for some members, but since you have to purchase these cards from a retailer first, there is a certain commission fee. This method is not preferred because of the commission fee. In addition, it is a bit difficult to immediately find out which vendor is reliable or not, it is necessary to constantly research and get good information. For these reasons, the popularity of such cards has declined, especially in recent years.

Turkey in paparam method is preferred by some players. However, you have the opportunity to deposit money to betting sites from various online accounts that you can use as e-wallets. The Cepbank method was also very popular in the past years, but this method is also experiencing a slight decline.

Some brands also accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, you can get the details about this from the payment section of the site. Here, which virtual currencies are accepted and again the minimum and maximum limits are written. Since professional sites are taxpayers in their countries and must always prove their income, the virtual money method can sometimes be troublesome for them and they do not accept this method, but if Bitcoin is shown as an example in the relevant parts of the sites, you can definitely use it.

foreign sites in Turkey without registering on such sites because they are illegal games of chance, and in particular are very good research before you deposit your structure. We have taken only the brands in the most reliable category to our site, but there are fraudulent sites in the virtual environment, do not fall into their hands and if you have the slightest doubt, definitely stay away from depositing money. In fact, if foreign companies are also licensed in our country, if there is an obligation to pay taxes and a healthy competition market is formed, such problems will not occur, but we seem far from this stage yet.

Except for foreign brands and companies in our country, there are legal betting sites that are at the highest level in terms of security. We especially touch on security because all the actions you take on these sites are legal, but you can also claim your rights on each of them. Therefore, if you encounter any problems, you can apply to the courts in our country and file a lawsuit. Apart from this, all of these sites are affiliated with Spor Toto, they offer the program of the bet system and have a license in our country. For these reasons, we should actually include these sites in the most reliable category, because they are the only legal sites. We can count the brands Bilyoner, Misli, Oley and Tuttur as an example of the brand, these are the brands that always offer the iddaa program. The disadvantage of the sites is that they cannot comfortably compete with each other. The odds are the same as they all offer the same program. In addition, there are many shortcomings in terms of live betting and betting types. For this reason, many members prefer foreign websites.

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